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Article Do you offer Zend Optimizer?
No, we do not currently offer this.  The reasoning behind this decision is that Zend tends...
Views: 1205
Article How do I access my reseller account?
We've made it as easy as possible to add/remove accounts and perform other reseller...
Views: 1264
Article How do I access SSH?
You can access SSH by opening your preferred SSH client up and connecting to the name of the...
Views: 1231
Article How do I create my own 'suspended page' design?
Creating your own 'suspended page' as a reseller is very simple to do.  Login to CPanel with...
Views: 1790
Article How do reseller nameservers work?
The way that the nameservers work with reseller accounts is contingent on the size of the...
Views: 1218
Article What exactly is reselling?
Reselling is purchasing large chunks of shared webspace generally used for multiple...
Views: 1152

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